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Two years after the insurrection, voters rejected MAGA extremism – but Republicans are still threatening democracy in the states.


Despite voters shunning MAGA extremism last November, the GOP is barreling ahead in their attempt to undermine our democracy. 

Between the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Moore v. Harperwhich will decide whether Republican-led legislatures can unilaterally assign electoral votes – and Trump loyalists being sworn into office across the country, Democrats must fight like never before to defend our institutions.

“January 6th was one of the most tragic days in American history, and two years later, MAGA extremism within the GOP’s ranks has only grown. Republicans are already working to sabotage future elections, overturn the will of the people, and we must remain vigilant.” – DLCC President Jessica Post



The number of insurrectionist state legislators and eventual candidates who traveled to Washington, DC, on the day of the January 6th insurrection, including some who resigned or even were arrested for their actions that day.


At least 18 insurrectionists will serve in state legislatures this year, including 4 in Virginia. Voters have a chance to hold them accountable in November.


The number of insurrectionists that voters sent packing in the 2022 midterms, including candidates in key races in North Carolina and Wisconsin.


For every federal candidate highlighted in the news for undermining our democracy, there are a dozen more who have served in or who have campaigned for statehouses around the country.


The DLCC was the first and only organization tracking insurrectionists and election deniers at the state legislative level. 


The Elected Insurrectionists

All of these state legislators were in DC on January 6th. Some were serving as state legislators at the time, and many joined the mob that surrounded the Capitol, attempting to interfere with the democratic process. We will not let them forget it.

  • David Eastman, Alaska
  • Anthony Kern, Arizona
  • Janae Shamp, Arizona
  • Chris Miller, Illinois
  • Luana Stoltenberg, Iowa
  • Angela Rigas, Michigan
  • Matt Maddock, Michigan
  • John Block, New Mexico
  • Donnie Loftis, North Carolina
  • Donna Henderson, North Dakota
  • Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania
  • Angela Paxton, Texas
  • Amanda Chase, Virginia
  • Dave LaRock, Virginia
  • John McGuire, Virginia
  • Marie March, Virginia
  • Mike Azinger, West Virginia
  • Bob Ide, Wyoming

Insurrectionists Defeated in November 2022

These individuals participated in the events in Washington, DC, on January 6th while serving in elected office or have since attempted to run for office. They were each defeated in the November 2022 election, and our democracy is safer with them out of office.

  • Pete Riehm, Alabama
  • Kelly Nash, Alaska
  • Jessica Martinez, California
  • Katie Lehr, Colorado
  • Jenna Hague, Florida
  • Jeremy Brown, Florida
  • Matthew Brackley, Maine
  • Diane Saber, Michigan
  • Jeremy Herrell, New Hampshire
  • Solomon Peña, New Mexico
  • Fred Von Canon, North Carolina
  • Justin Price, Rhode Island
  • Joe Gervais, Vermont
  • John Lyddy, Vermont
  • David Estenson, Wisconsin

Right Now Help Us Beat Insurrectionists

Join the growing movement to defend democracy.

What Our 2022 Victories Mean for the Path to the Presidency

Alongside victories in individual races, the DLCC defended every Democratic majority in 2022 and gained four new majorities in Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. These voter-led victories mean that heading into 2024, Democrats control at least one chamber in states responsible for nearly 270 electoral votes, providing a crucial safeguard from future GOP plots to sabotage voters’ right to determine the presidency.

Refuse To Let Insurrectionists Hide

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee was the first and only entity committed to identifying, tracking, and condemning the hundreds of Republican state lawmakers who aided and abetted Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

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